Even without the modern tools of weather forecasting there are many signs you can look for that can help you forecast the weather. It is important to watch the weather outside because that is where it is all happening!

1. When a storm system approaches there tends to be the progression of high clouds first, then middle layer clouds and then low clouds. If you see lots of high clouds streaming across the sky then that is a sign a front or low pressure system will come through in a day or so.

2. If it feels windy, humid and warm in the early morning hours then big storms could occur that afternoon. This is because as the day progresses it will only get warmer. The windy conditions are a sign a storm system is approaching. As it approaches and warms up, big storms are optimum in this environment later in the day.

3. In the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes, if the wind is from the North it will probably continue to cool down. If the wind is from the South then temperatures will be warmer than normal.

4. If it feels humid outside and the smell outside changes, then rain may be on the way.

5. If the air pressure continues a trend of falling, it indicates unsettled weather is on the way. If the air pressure continues a trend of increasing, it indicates fair weather is on the way.

6. Since weather tends to move east to west and southwest to northeast (mid-latitudes), if there is unsettled weather to the west or southwest then it could be moving toward your area especially if the clouds are also moving from the west or southwest.

7. You can determine where the high and low pressure systems are in relation to where you are by following this rule of thumb: Since friction alters the wind direction by about 30 degrees, once your back is to the wind you will need to rotate your body by 30 degrees to the right. Once you rotate your body 30 degrees to the right then the low pressure system will be directly to the left and the high pressure system directly to the right.

8. If it is humid outside, the skies are clear and the wind is light then likely there will be dew on the grass in the morning.

9. Rapid pressure drops often come before a storm system or front come through. Animals can sometimes sense this pressure drop and thus animals may start acting funny and making more noise than usual.

10. If the clouds look like big cauliflower then rain will be very heavy.