Things only an insane weather nut would do. Never try any of these things!

1. Run through a crowded mall screaming, "EL NINO IS COMING, EL NINO IS COMING".

2. Collect hailstones from the ground after hail events and put them in the freezer in freezer bags. Sell them over ebay, pricing them by size (pea, dime, quarter, and playing ball size).

3. Go outside and make sure there are people around. Pretend to argue with the clouds in the sky as well as argue with the sun and the wind.

4. Bungee jump off a Doppler radome

5. At the beach with plenty of people around, fly a large kite with a key attached to the tail. Make sure there are a few developing convective clouds around. Tell everyone you are repeating Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment because you want to discover electricity also.

6. Find a nice ice covered street on a slope. Run down the road and practice doing head first slides into home plate.

7. Group snowball fight in swim suites

8. At a sporting event in the rain, while standing in the bleachers hold a rain gage in the air. Tell everyone around that you are a meteorologist and need to get the rain total during the event.

9. Place bumper sticker on car, "Level of Free Convection or BUST"

10. While people are watching, go outside and stand in a puddle during a heavy rain in a swimming suit. Take a bar of soap and shampoo and bathe yourself in the rain.