The following are real questions asked by adults to meteorologists and other scientists.

1. How could the sun be a star when the sun does not have the 5 point shape like a star is suppose to have?

2. How can the moon be in the western part of the sky this morning when it is suppose to rise in the east?

3. Why is my thermometer reading too hot when it is in direct sunlight?

4. Since the hurricane is going to hit New Orleans, is it going to be a good weekend to go to the beach in Mississippi?

5. How can you say the weather is going to be nice when my plants and grass need rain?

6. Hi, Could you tell me what TIME it's going to rain next weekend?

7. I heard there is a lightning warning. Is the lightning strong, very strong or severe?

8. Could you please change your forecast since I have outdoor plans this weekend?

9. Does a tornado have to bigger around than whatever it's picking up?

10. One lady called a broadcast meteorologist (after a recent, rare, earthquake in the northeast U.S.) to ask: Could you start forecasting earthquakes also so I will not be caught off guard again?