1. A baroclinic zone should result in rising motion due to density differences. This will result in atmospheric condensation and thus precipitation.
TRANSLATION: A front will bring us rain

2. 6-sided crystalline aggregates are being gravitationally forced to the surface.
TRANSLATION: It is snowing

3. The horizontal pressure gradient force is quite tight.
TRANSLATION: It is windy

4. Inflow and horizontal vorticity have been tilted into the mesocylone.
TRANSLATION: A tornado is forming

5. Condensation is occurring upon condensation nuclei as the parcel lifts, cools adiabatically and becomes saturated.
TRANSLATION: A cloud is forming

6. Sensible heat and a high vapor pressure of water molecules are producing extremely high theta-E values.
TRANSLATION: It is hot and humid

7. Latent heat release is producing bomb-o-genesis and an intensification of the thermal wind.
TRANSLATION: A Nor'easter is developing

8. Isentropic lifting is producing large scale synoptic uplift north of the warm front.
TRANSLATION: Clouds and precipitation are north of the warm front

9. CG 12 o'clock with towering Q.
TRANSLATION: Lightning struck in front of us from a developing thunderstorm cloud

10. The line echo wave pattern is being fed by warm air advection and moisture convergence.
TRANSLATION: A line of thunderstorms is developing

11. A veering wind in the vertical indicates warm air advection and synoptic uplift.
TRANSLATION: Warm air rises