The difference between an average and above average broadcast meteorologist is often times catchy phrases and weather descriptions. Language can turn an ordinary forecast into a rememberable, personable, and entertaining forecast. An example follows below.

NWS: This afternoon: mostly cloudy. A period of rain likely very early then a chance of showers. High in the low to mid 40's. light winds. POP 70 early.. then 30 percent. TONIGHT: periods of rain developing: becoming steadier after midnight.. low in the mid 30's. southwest wind 10 mph. Pop 80.

Broadcaster: Clouds will be hiding the sun for much of this afternoon. Wet conditions will temporarily come to an end but look for their return later tonight as another push of energy moves into the region. Keep the jacket handy today as the high once again will creep to just above 40 . Precipitation will stay in the liquid form but frosty conditions will be the rule tonight as the wind begins to pick up and temperatures fall to just above freezing. It will be one of those nights to throw a few logs on the fire and enjoy indoor romance.

The following is a list of weather word synonyms and catchy phrases for various weather phenomena. If you have any words or catchy phrases to add to the list please e-mail them to me at:


*jacket weather
*cold surge
*frost bite weather
*bone chilling
*like an ice box
*teeth chattering cold
*chilly willy
*protect the 3 P's: pets, plants and pipes
*snappy cold
*It is so cold, polar bears aren't even going outside


*blue norther
*cold push
*cold punch
*cold wave
*arctic blast
*old man winter
*heat breaker
*arctic express
*a lifter
*fast moving cold front, say, "comin' through like a herd 'o turtles"
*In reference to the game show the price is right: This cold front is packing a powerful punch; this is a Bob Barker "come on down" cold front.


*high and dry
*desert like
*thirsty atmosphere
*we could do a rain dance, but I doubt it will help, since the desert-like weather plans to stay here a while.
*the atmosphere is thirsty, as well as everything else, with no relief in sight


*digging in
*weather system is diving


*pea soup fog
*it is so foggy you can hardly see your hand in front of your face


*umbrella weather
*raining cats and dogs
*rain falling in buckets
*rain falling in sheets
*atmospheric indigestion
*your wind shield wipers will be on high
*This swath of rain on the radar looks like a heart, and it is not even Valentine's Day.
*wet conditions continue overnight.. Perfect for all ducks


*fair weather friend
*big blue H
*quiet weather
*tranquil weather
*clear as a bell
*sun worshippers will be in heaven today
*The wind is so calm the wind vane stopped moving
*wall to wall sunshine
*it's beautiful, you could do some cruising today


*like an oven
*sun screen weather
*going to be a scorcher
*heat wave
*major heat
*hot enough to fry eggs on car tops
*triple digit heat
*try to stay cool weather
*air conditioner weather
*drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages


*Air you can wear... but hair you can't wear
*steam bath
*gulf moisture
*glob of moisture
*like a sauna outside
*the three H's outside (hot, hazy and humid)
*pineapple connection
*you can feel the moisture outside
*warm vapor bath
*onslaught of moisture
*air you can wear
*heat and humidity are producing a bad hair day


*inclement weather
*weather maker
*unstable area
*moisture vacuum
*spin zone
*storm system
*big red L
*spinning cyclone
*area of energy
*rain maker
*moisture magnet
*spinning pocket of instability


*snail's pace
*moving as fast as a turtle
*sitting and spinning
*system is gradually scooting


*a few slushy inches
*the white stuff
*the barometer is diving, the northerly winds are blowing, and the flakes are flying
*you will have plenty of snow to make snow cones
*the white stuff Christmas is made of will continue decorating our city for most of the day




*rough spots
*nasty storms
*thunder boomers
*trouble spots
*rough weather
*problem areas
*blow ups
*getting hammered by storms
*claps of thunder
*storms firing up
*getting clobbered by storms
*storms rolling in
*popping storms
*The chance of storms rears its ugly head
*pockets of storms
*parade of storms
*action spots
*whopper of a storm
*soaking variety of rain
*mother nature is on the war path
*mother nature has lost her temper
*these storms are a war zone
*stampede of storms
*The new bully on our block will be moving in later today
*we have a blockbuster of a storm out in the Atlantic


*skirt alert
*wind burst
*like facing a blow dryer
*push of air
*choppy water for the boaters
*the wind is screaming
*bringing up the surf
*whipping wind
*the wind is howling
*hang on to the steering wheel
*wind is screaming


*This forecast is brought to you by the letter H (or L)
*www= warm winter weather
*you didn't see things this afternoon. That really was rain.
*watch out for semi's on the road. It has been raining all day and they love to splash water up
*we are seeing an all out war of air masses
*In reference to mixed precipitation call it "meteorological goulash" or "meteorological mish-mash" or "a meteorological hodgepodge"
*Liquid sunshine
*In reference to Anomalous Precipitation on radar, call it "Doppler Garbage"